Holy Butler

This is a lit up robot I am entering in the Kimbolton Sculpture Festival on the 1st of April. It is a combination of two pieces I made and have added together and added to. It has a lamp at the bottom and another at the top for the light to shine through the perforations.

Evening picture.

Major McMad Moustache

“Major McMad Moustache” is made from a vintage speaker given to me and many other parts from either found or from recycling centres or opshops. I have wired it for a small lamp inside his head. I may use a small amp to make him talk or sing. I have plans to enter this robot into the annual Kimbolton Sculpture Festival and also the previous post of the fire tractor and fireman.

Although not entirely influenced by a painting I have of Matt Gauldie’s (NZ Defence Force artist) it does have some similarities.

Fire Tractor and Fireman

This is “Butterfly” the Shanghai fire tractor used before the revolution. Fireman Li Lo doggedly mans the hose although he has been fighting the blaze without breathing apparatus for many hours.

All the parts on both the fire tractor and fireman are found, opshopped or given to me apart from the wheels and timber undercarriage. The sewing machine is vintage and made in Shanghai.

I dedicate this to a very good friend who passed away recently. Esther was Chinese Kiwi and was the most amazing seamtress amongst other skills. She always encouraged me in my artistic endeavours so using a Chinese sewing machine is a fitting tribute to her.